Hindu Culture of Entering into a New Made House

Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religion. It is a very rich religion on its ritual and culture. Hindu sages are very famous all over he world for the meditation, yoga and spiritual knowledge. There are many Hindu culture and rituals which have been continuously fascinating for international community.


In this post, I am sharing a Hindu culture of entering into a new made house. Once the construction of the new made house is completed,


– the house owner contacts the temple priest (Hindu priest) for fixing a date to enter into the house for living.

– the priest fix a best and holy date for shifting into the house based on astrology.

– the house owner has to arrange a big worship on that date , preparation starts once date is fixed.

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– Many sages, temple priest and neighbors are called into that ceremony.

– The worship runs for many hours , praying gods, goddess and sending them message of shifting into new house and asking for good wishes and luck into new house.

– Once worship is done, lemon, chill & garlic garland (food of bad luck, hunger, poverty, misery – doing so stops them to the gate only as their hunger fills at gate) is hung on the gate of the home  is l then people can start living into the new house.

Benefits according to Believes

– Brings peace, prosperity and happiness to home

– Evil eyes are kept away

– Hunger, misery, bad luck are thrown away

– Ghost, False Spirits never enters into house

Below I am sharing a video sample of 2nd worship after entering into the house. You will see how beautiful women gathers and sing melodies religious songs of gods and goddess.

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