India Travel Video Guide Dehradun Sahastradhara with Photos

India is not only famous for its religious and spiritual aspects but also for its breath taking natural  scenery. Today, in this travel post, I would like to guide you to travel Sahastradhara सहश्त्रधारा which is situated about 11KM away from Dehradun city. A religious place yet full of fun and natural scenery. Sahastra in Sanskrit means – 1000 and Dhara means “Springs”, so it is also commonly known as 1000s of fold natural springs.

Sahashstradhara - thousands natural fold springs photos
hehe that’s me

What is it famous for ?

1. Lord Shiva Temple Inside Guru Dronacharya Temple inside cave where 1000s of springs water falls on Shiva Ling.

Guru Dronacharya Temple, Sahastradhara, Dehradun, India photos
Guru Dronacharya Temple, Sahastradhara, Dehradun, India

2. Natural Sulphur water source, for which domestic tourist comes from so far to take natural sulphur water back to their home. It is believed that natural sulphur cures all skin diseases.

Way to Natural Sulphur Springs Sahashtradhara Derhadun
Way to Natural Sulphur Springs

3. Water fun park, which has been eventually destroyed by 2013 big flood. So, the place is being re-built, soon it will look beautiful as it used to be.

Sahastradhara - Dehradun Moosoorie Travel Photos
View of Sahastradhara from River Bridge
Drikung Kagyu Buddhist Temple, Sahastradhara, Dehradun, India
Drikung Kagyu Buddhist Temple, Sahastradhara, Dehradun, India
Uttarakhand Police Photo
My co- travelling mate, Uttarakhand Police

How to Reach Sahastradhara ?

To go Sahashtradhara, first you have to be in Dehradun city. To reach Dehradun city, there are many ways- by plane, train or bus from New Delhi, Chandigarh and other major cities of northern India. Once you arrive city of Dehradun, take auto rickshaw (Tuk tuk) from any part of city and tell them to go Parade ground.  You will get the Dehradun city bus service heading to Sahastradhara. That’s the end point, all bus will get empty there. Do not worry, tons of tourist will be with you, in state as well as out state, along with few international tourist.

Cost of Bus Ticket – INR 17

Time of Travel – Approximately 40 minutes.

What are the things to do in Sahastradhara ?

1. Take shower in Sulphur water and also drink some water everyday till you stay there. It will clean your skin and remove all skin diseases and drinking will help you clean your stomach. But, I wont suggest for a couple visiting Sahastradhara should drink sulphur water, because it will smell for 2-3 days when you will burp 😛 . And kissing won’t be so romantic 😛

learn hindi with anil mahato
natural sulphur water springs.
Pilgrims taking bathe on natural suphur water to cure all skin diseases.
Sahastradhara Dehradun Photos
Me after showering inside Cave at Sahastradara, Dehradun, India

2. Visit Dronacharya Temple after taking shower in sulphur water and do worship there. You will love the Shiva ling and natural water springs falling on it from the terrace of the cave.

3. You can participate in natural water park with lots of fun thing like water slides , music, dance etc. You can also celebrate private birthday party etc there. The natural water park will cost you INR 300 (US$5).

4. There couple of natural caves go visit them, but I will suggest you not to take camera inside because springs water can destroy them. My camera has got problem due that and also don’t forget to wear wear shoes.

5. You can ride Rope way and go to Sai Baba temple at top of the hill. Now here , saying you something secrete. 😛 Sahashtradhara tourism board will probably kick me 😛 there was no Sai temple before few years, one local restaurant owner told me, they built it recently at top hill so that they can earn money from rope way. When I tried to do hiking till temple on my foot, they did not allow me to go there. 🙁

6. Move around looking breathe taking green hills and do some gift shopping for your love ones, family as a memory of Sahastradhara.

Monkey with baby
Cute Monkey with baby I caught them near by river side. Lots of monkeys are there in Sahastradhara.

Where to stay ?

Sahastradhara is one day, 3-4 f hours trip from Dehradun city. You can stay in Dehradun city or you can also stay in Sahastradhara, as its so beautiful place, living in hill side near by the river side, has its own fun and eating food in little cold weather is even delicious.

Tourist Guest House Sahashtradhara, Dehradun, India
Tourist guest house run by Garwal Development Comitte, cost INR 830 for one room ( $ 15 per night)

There are dozens of lodges and hotels for national as well as international tourist. The hotel ranges from INR 500 to INR 3000 and above. But if you want cheap deal, then ask the people where you will eat for affordable lodege/hotel.

The prices ranges time to time, you can also dig out all hotels in half an hours. There are only few, and I don’t see it is much crowded place for living , as Dehradun is close, most of the tourist stay there during there trip to Sahastrdhara. But honestly speaking, I won’t stay in Dehradun because of two reasons

1. City is more expensive

2. City is very crowded

3. I love natural hill station living , specially spending night with music of river flowing. Looking at them from my balcony and smooth cold breeze flirting with my little hair and making my cheeks cold is certainly far more better than watching television at hotel in city of Dehradun.

Now, you are ready to watch my complete travel video to Sahastradhara from Dehradun. 😉 😛 <3

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