Indian Man Addicted to Eating Bricks, Mud & Gravel (+Video)


I was using Facebook and suddenly one of my friend sent me a link of a video, and the video wowed me for an instant, I thought it worth full to share this strange things with my friends.

An Indian man named Pakkirappa Hunagundi from Karnataka, India has been addicted to eating Bricks, Muds & Gravel. He is now 30 years old but he had started eating since he was 10 years old. The man is now married with one kid, but still he is not leaving his habit of eating brick, mud & gravel.  Generally he eats mud & bricks . By profession he works as a labor.

It is a very strange to hear that he claims himself that he has not got any kind of disease though he is eating 1 brick a day, sometime up to 3 kg debris a day. Eating a small piece of hard objects makes so much trouble in mouth & stomach to a normal person, imagine sometime you are eating rice and you get a small tiny stone, how pain it gives to teeth but look at Pakkirappa,  he consumes bricks, mud & gravels everyday as diet since he was 10.

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Pakkirappa Hunagundi eating bricks.

When he is offered fried chicken or ice cream or any good food, he prefers to eat dust, bricks and debris. He says, it has been his habit now. And, he needs to eat bricks, mud, gravels everyday. He can’t stop himself. His mother, friends, relatives & neighbors everybody ask him to stop eating bricks but he can’t help himself. He is so addicted to eat bricks.


His strange habit has given him a fame. Everywhere he goes and tries to eat, he finds him gathered by people to see him eating bricks and gravels.  He has also started making little extra income on weekends by performing in front of visitors .

Well, I will suggest Mr.Pakkirappa Hunagundi  why don’t you try Guinness Book of the Word Records 😛 ? To be honest, I never knew, brick can be used as food as well 😛


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