Learn Hindi Verbs With English Meaning 8 – Exercise & Take Test Online

Learn Hindi verbs with English meaningLet’s learn Hindi Verbs with English meaning. So far we have learnt many verbs and I am sure you have got pretty much basic concept of using Hindi verbs in sentences. We are learning Hindi langauge through English language. So, everytime, we take one English verb and we understand the meaning and try to learn root verb, continous form , take some example watching video , taking test that is what we do. But in coming time, the exercsie will be more difficult and more things are going to be added. For better performace on exercise section,  I will suggest you to learn Interactive Hindi series same time.

So, today I am going to teach you new verb called – Sunaana. As we learn Hindi verbs with english meaning. You might be about to ask me .. anil what is the meaning of it he he .. actually I am not able to translate in English in better way. It’s something like to make somebody listen which is something like narrating something or some story. So, the English meaning of this Hindi verb goes very close to – To narrate

To Narrate – Sunaana (सुनाना)

Possible Meaning – To say, To listen, To sing, To tell, To narrate, To Scold

Root Verb – Sunaa (सूना)

Continuous Verb – Sunaa + Rha(रहा) /Rhee(रही) /Rhe(रहे)

Let’s learn these Hindi verbs with english meaning by using them in some sentences.

Main Aapko Ek Kahaani Sunaana Chahata Hoon. (M)– I want to narrate ( to make/offer you listen) a story.

मैं       आपको   एक कहानी      सुनाना       चाहता         हूँ |

Anil Bahut AchChha Kahaani Sunaata Hai. – Anil narrates story very nicely.

अनिल  बहुत  अच्छा     कहानी        सुनाता     है |

learn hindi with anil mahato

Ab Ema Ek Gaana Sunaayegee. – Now Ema, will sing ( she will speak so that we will hear) a song.

अब  एमा   एक  गाना       सुनायेगी |

Sunita, Hamari Gupt Baaten Sabko Suna Rhee Hai. – Sunita is telling ( she is speaking so that other are listening) everybody our secrete talks.

सुनीता ,   हमारी    गुप्त      बातें     सबको    सुना   रही       है |

Mummy Ne Aaj Mujhe Bahut Sunaayee . – Mummy scold me so much today. ( it means she made me listen so much, speaking  on my mistakes , suggesting me , shouting at me due to my mistakes etc. but in soft way not in hard way)

मम्मी          ने      आज    मुझे           बहूत      सुनायी |

Now, watch the video given below and try to learn the Hindi verbs with English meaning with me in this video. 

[youtube id=”uEsjYugWVf4″ align=”center” autoplay=”yes”]

If you have watched the above video. Now I want to request your for two more things for better performace in your journey to learn Hindi- Exercise & Taking Test.

1. Exercise the Concept

This concept you learnt is little different than others because this hindi verb is not having the exact english meaning. We have to approximate the meaning. So, I don’t have idea how much you understand. So, please do some exercise in the comment section. Try to make some Hindi sentence using those Hindi verbs with English meaning ( what are you trying to say in that sentence). Do not hesitate about mistakes , if you are going to make. I will correct them with guides for future precaution.

2. Test Your Knowledge

Learning Hindi verbs with english meaning and then doing some practice is not enough. It is better to get some confidence on what we learnt . So, for getting confident on what you just studied. I want you to take this quick test on – Sunaana and examine your knowledge.  Please write down the score in the comment section as well.[WATU 10]

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