Living an Indian Village Life for One Day in Uttar Pradesh (India)

It was always my dream to explore village life in India. I have already explored and traveled dozens of cities in Uttar Pradesh(UP), India, but never had a village experience. So here I am sharing with you my One Day Living in an Indian Village of Uttar Pradesh, India. I had an amazing host family , a beautiful Yadav family from Mohkampur, Badaayunn, UP, India.

So, it was Mid of June, Delhi is boiling with 45 C (115F) temperature. Suddenly my buddy Raju Yadav, was going to see her family in his village which is about 200 KM away from Delhi. I got a chance to dance and lived my one day dream out of many to live in an Indian village.

I had video footage over 100 minutes but I finally settled in 17 min., due to power cut off (22 hours a day) my camera battery got dead and I couldn’t film the night life which is even more mesmerizing. Sleeping on terrace with all males under the big Peepal tree on rope made bed (Khat), and suddenly water comes all men inside house … haha that was so funny. But looking at millions of twinkling stars on a completely clear sky  was something I was really missing in New Delhi.

Which place I visited ?

Village – Mohakampur, District – Badaayun , State – Uttar Pradesh (UP), India

How did we reach there ?

Most of the UP is well connected with Indian Railways, but we chose to travel by bus this time as distance is not so far and it was only 1 night journey. So we took bus from Anand Vihar Inter State Bus Terminal around 00:30 AM. And by the morning 7 AM , we were having  delicious breakfast and tea at his home.

The bus dropped us about 3 km away from his home, but my friend’s younger brother has come to pick us on their India’s famous mini car- Maruti – 800.

What did I do when I get down of car ?

My friend got down from car first, actually I intentionally let him do that first :P, as I was shy to meet his family specially his parents. He started touching the feet of his grand father, then father, then grandmother , mother everyone. I just followed him. I also leaned down and started touching their feet with one hand and then putting that hand to chest while I was down and saying Namaste. I thought they will say.. no no no its ok 😛 but strange for me 😛 they were expecting it 😛 , it was new and little funny to me.

Once the greeting got finished, the grandfather told my friend Raju’s mother to grand mother to prepare Pakauda in breakfast, as special treat 😛 . The breakfast was too delicious. I still smell the spicy crunchy bite of Pakauda with Masala Chai while writing this article.

Indian Masala Chai Tea served with Biscuits and aaloo pakauda
Masala Chai (Tea), Biscuits & Pakauda or some Namkeen, is very common way of greeting and welcoming in Northern India. This is what we were served for breakfast in Raju’s home.

Indian woman dress in uttar pradesh (UP), India

What we did after Breakfast ?

Once we had breakfast, its our culture to visit and meet our own nearer and dearer which started from his uncles, aunties and cousins. They all seems happy on face and very welcoming, but I could smell they were pretending, specially aunties. In India its very common to see a emotional war or jealousy between wives of brothers after few years, which I never understand and I hate the most. Why can’t they live entire life like the first day they meet and the way they respected and loved in that time.

After family I wanted to visit village, and suddenly his brother has to go someone to see in village so, I joined him. And saw the real uttar pradesh village life. Now, I can explain this in two ways- honestly and positively. Honestly life is so measurable in Uttar pradesh specially when I see a small girl pooing (shitting) on street while dog was eating her poo.

miserable life photos in uttar pradesh India, girl shitting and dog eating
Dog eating shit of girl while she is doing toilet, UP, India

But if I think, positively, people are more happier than city and they are like drugged in someway to live happily in what they have got – farming, earning and living very natural life, which ultimately made me very happy.

What did I do after village exploration ?

I wanted to see fields but it was too hot, but still I force Raju to come with me and show me his near by things. So, her mom give me a full glass of Lassi and then we moved to explore more things.

Indian village boys in Uttar pradesh

learn hindi with anil mahato

Indian Farmer carrying grasses on head

little indian boy farming in fields

Village life in india photos images
It was too hot and they have worked for long time, so we are relaxing under the shadow of a big tree
Smiling kids
Aren’t we happy ? 😀

We explored many peperment farms & farmers ( methol oil farmer), met  Raju old friends who are working on fields and sharing their childhood, some moved to city while some are still have a wonderful stress free life in village.

Indian male model drinking water

Sun was so powerful, so after grabbing some mango and taking head shower in tube well, we returned to home to bath and lunch.

North Indian Dish in lunch at Uttar Pradesh (UP), India
This is my lunch – Chapati, Lady finger curry, Bitter guard curry, curd (yogurt), Daal(lentil), Pickle, Salads, Papad etc

After Lunch What Did I Do ?

You can see how heavy food I have taken for lunch. I was saying no no .. and they were adding food, and I have a habit of not throwing food , till I can, so yeah, my stomach was about burst out, so I took a long nap.

When I wake up ?

When I wake up after an hour of nap, I was again smelling poori and curry 😛 , I saw people outside sitting on line were having a small feast while woman and some Raju cousin sister were cooking Poori . So I also participated in rolling poori. It was fun.

making of poori sabzi - rolling of puri
We all were rolling puri while grandmother was swelling them on pan full of oil.


Culture – In UP, on the day you put lantern(roof) over your terrace, you have to feed all worker some nice food, so in UP, Poori & sabji is considered very good along with rice pudding ( kheer).

But while were were making poori, lots of monkeys were disturbing us, so , I did not lost the chance to catch them on my camera. See this video I made from the monkey videos I shot there .

What did I do in evening ? 

After working and filming a lot , we took small rest, did some conversation with granny and also laughed on her lovely words. You must hear her.

It had got almost 4-5pm and sun was little favoring me to explore the green fields of Uttar pradesh. Me, Raju & his brother, took the camera and left for life outside of village.

The entry of his village was so beautiful. There was a big tree and people often used to sit there and they have loosly made that place as tuk tuk stand as well.

The best part I see in UP is people are getting aware of greenery and they are acting on it by business point of view too. They are planting and farming Eucalyptus & Poplar. This was one super pleasing thing for me. And people there are also very active on menthol oil farming.

Indian boys resting in fields
We resting in field of Peppermint.

After seeing farming we met some farmers who works on Raju’s field. We also saw Neel Gai. There were many things that day I couldn’t simply explain in this post.

What did we do at Night ?

As you know, its UP and on top, village, so no electricity of course. We ate the dinner in kerosene oil running lamp. And after dinner we all were talking and sharing stories. Grand mother finally got time to talk with her grandson. There was some long lovely conversation. Then we all male went to terrace and made bed to sleep under the sky full with twinkling stars and a big Peepal tree working as fan for us….


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