Peaceful & Charming Jungle (Vlog) Which will Knock You & Your Heart in Emptiness


I am not a very religious person but surely a nature lover, wanderer and spiritual person.This video is about my journey to a wonderful peaceful jungle of Lacchiwala and temple in the middle of the jungle on the way to Dehradun – Doiwala, far from Dehradun city. The temple is famous by name Shree Lakshman Sidd श्री लक्ष्मण सिद्द. It is about 10 KM away from center of Dehradun city.
This temple has got a charm and solitude that can take you away from all the worries of an everyday life. As I entered deeper and deeper in the jungle I started feeling peace & emptiness within. The feeling you are going to have during the jungle is incredible and inexpressible. The temple inside the jungle is built in such a way that it has been hidden hidden from the probing eyes of wanderers and myths have it that centuries ago.
Religious Belief & History about Temple:
People here believe that god Lakshman (Laxman), brother of Lord Rama underwent penance for killing Ravana and meditated here for years. The solitude of the place certainly makes for the perfect ambiance to lose oneself in meditation.
As I spoke to temple people, they said every Sunday a fair is held where thousands of disciples gather to pay their respects at the shrine in the temple. Devotees from far and wide visit the fair, though the crowd usually remains low during weekdays. Wild cries of animals and birds can often be heard at the temple.

Wandering Inside the Lachhiwala Jungle

How to Reach  Jungle &Temple ?
From the Dehradun city, which is about 240 KM away from national capital of India, in northern side, you can take bus, auto , tuk tuk or private taxi till here. Private taxi and auto rickshaw’s can rip you off. When I asked an autowala. He told me he will charge INR 400 for both way. So go buy the public transportation which has fixed amount of fare. The public transportation is very cheap. The bus will cost you fare of INR 18 (US $ .33) from Dehradun city till the temple.
As I said, the laxman sidd temple is inside the jungle, so, from the bus stand where bus will drop you, you have to walk about 1KM inside, and proper sign and landmarks are provided to follow towards the temple.

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The Way to Laxman Sidd Temple

Best Time to Visit
Well, it depends on you, on what purpose you are visiting, whether you like crowd or not.
If you like to travel with crowd then Sundays are best for you, but if you are free and don’t like crowd then you can visit the temple on weekdays.

me 😉 inside the temple, right in front of Shiva ling

If you are wanderer, nature lover, you want peaceful environment and few people around, then I will suggest you, except Sunday, any other day evening time will be perfect. But make sure you are not going too late. After 4 PM , its perfect to spend till evening 6 here during summer but before winter. Because in winter days are very short and even 5 pm you will see everything dark.


Temple Bell at Entry

Visit Time
All days of the week 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
5:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Time to Visit – 30 Min in temple, rest you may love to sit and feel yourself in jungle another at least 30 min.

Here is my complete trip video to the Jungle and Temple.


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